Did you check on me?- R.I.P Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Stephen “twitch” Boss on left side- died of suicide 2022

In 2020- 74% of all suicides in the UK involved men which shows the alarming issue around mental health concerning men.

In 2022, the entertainment world reported the death of Stephen “Twitch” Boss who for those who don’t know him, Stephen, who went by his stage name “Twitch” was a dancer and DJ on the Ellen Degeneres show. The two were also close friends as can be seen in an appearance Twitch made next to Ellen on the show. It is heart-breaking that Twitch- a much loved father, husband, friend, son, human being, committed suicide in December 2022.

Does society put unfair pressures on men?

Why are suicide rates higher in men?

Perhaps suicide rates in men is higher due to:

  • The pressure men face from society to “man up”
  • Men being raised to think showing emotion/vulnerability is a sign of weakness
  • Financial pressures

Suicide is a very complex and sensitive issue, with many factors combining to push someone to take such drastic action. Stephen “Twitch” Boss had so much going for him from the outside looking in and it will never be easy to understand what is happening in a person’s mind to cause them to make that final decision to end their life. So please take time to check on friends and family and for anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts, talk to someone now and reach out to suicide prevention services near you e.g https://www.thecalmzone.net/

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