An Unhurried Conversation about Grief and Loss

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An Unhurried Conversation about Grief and Loss

April 1 @ 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

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About this event

Grief in our culture is usually associated with a specific event, most often with the loss of a person. But any change can evoke loss and grief, whether it is a change in a relationship, lifestyle, job, or, of course, the changes necessitated by a pandemic.

Yet we have few places where we can talk about grief, all the kinds of grief, that we encounter in our lives.

This unhurried conversation is a place where we can do just that.

In an unhurried conversation, one person speaks at a time, while the other participants listen. There is time to think and connect with people in a refreshing way, with a pace where people find it easy to join in and not feel crowded out. And listening can be as satisfying as talking.

Participants should be comfortable being on-screen and have a commitment to curiosity and respect for other participants. Together we will go where the conversation takes us!

This group is scheduled to meet on the 1st Saturday of every month from January (second Saturday due to New Year’s Day) through June 2022. Feel free to join whenever you can, for one session or for all. Please plan to join on time as late arrivers may not be admitted to the session.

Note that this is not a support group, but rather a place to share thoughts, observations and maybe even philosophy.

The video below, created by Johnnie Moore, the originator of the Unhurried Conversation, will give you a sense of what it will be like.

This conversation is hosted/facilitated by Kathy Murri of Care Grieve Heal. Kathy works with family caregivers throughout their caregiving journey. That journey is marked by grief and loss for both the caree and the caregiver. Through her work, Kathy has become fascinated by the perceptions about and role of grief and loss in our society. She is looking forward to interesting conversations about these and related topics.

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